Volunteer Experience

A self-initiated project to support the homeless population in the SF Bay Area

A Personal Bay Area Project: Project H2OToGo

"To me, it was a practical way to serve the homeless population in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco"

Project H2OToGo was an idea that sparked in summer 2017. It started with me walking around San Francisco, realizing that there were a lot of homeless people. Rather than being scared, I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to help them.

That summer, I started with making ham and cheese sandwiches for the homeless, with cheese, granola bar, and a positive note.

When this was delivered, many individuals asked if we had water. They had their own water bottle, but it was plastic and looked as if it was deteriorating. That's when the idea started.

I wanted to conduct a personal project that would push those experiencing homelessness to go about the day in a healthier manner. While food is important, so is water.

ProjectH2OToGo is centered around providing reusable plastic water bottle care packages for the homeless population. Inside the water bottle, there would be hand sanitizers, tissues, and band-aids. The purpose of it is to emphasize the importance of staying hydrated in the city.

ProjectH2OToGo is still a work in progress today but has had support of many community members and friends across the United States!

Above: I am packing sandwiches to give away to the homeless population. Nearly 40 sandwich packages were made and distributed that day.

Service and Justice Committee

  • Emergency Residence Project (ERP) where the team and I cooked food for those in transitional housing on a weekly basis.

Other events included:

  • Hosting a Hunger Banquet

  • Assisted with a Sleepout Event where students and members of the community sleep in cardboard for a night

  • Pumpkin carving with kids in ERP (pictured below)

Mentoring Middle School Students

Above: I planned and taught weekly 3 hour Bible Study sessions for 6th grade students. I also remained in contact with their parents to ensure that they were up to date about each session.