Relevant Courses & Honor Projects

Relevant Courses

Managing Corporate Crises & Issues

  • CM522 at Boston University | Spring 2021

  • Grade received: A

Design and Interactive Experiences (Interactive Web Design)

  • CM523 at Boston University | Fall 2021

  • Grade received: A

  • What I learned: How to design an interactive website using UX principles, design thinking. My final project was developing a Boston Bucket List website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Communication Research

  • CM321 at Boston University | Fall 2021

  • Grade received: A-

  • What I learned: Semester-long research project on what are the factors influencing students to purchase tablets. Conducted quantitative research on 103 college students around the United States.

Design Strategy (Adobe Suite)

  • CM501 at Boston University | Spring 2020

  • Grade received: A

Media Business Entrepreneurship

  • CM591 at Boston University | Spring 2020

  • Grade received: A

Media Strategies and Management

  • CM441 at Boston University | Spring 2020

  • Grade received: A-

Public Relations for Non-Profits

  • CM345 at Boston University | Fall 2019

  • Grade received: A


  • MA063 at Evergreen Valley College | Summer 2017

  • Grade received: A

Microeconomics-with Honors

  • ECN130 at Des Moines Area Community College | Spring 2017

  • Grade received A-

Social Psychology

  • PSYCH280 at Iowa State University | Spring 2018

  • Grade received: A

Philosophy of Happiness

  • PH485 at Boston University | Spring 2019

  • Grade received: A-

Above: writing the conjugation for Spanish tenses during my Summer 2019 study abroad experience

Des Moines Area Community College Honors Program

  • Served as 2017-2018 Co-President of the Honors Program across 11 campuses and over 100 students invited to the program

Honors Discipline Projects:

  • Microeconomics (Fall 2017)

  • Oral Communication (Spring 2018)

Microeconomics Discipline Project

  • For my ECN 130 discipline course, I created a website that included short videos, graphics, presentations that I designed. The purpose of creating this project was to help students better understand major economic topics.

Oral Communication Discipline Project

  • For my SPC 101 discipline course, I conducted a research analysis on the prohibited use of of technology in classrooms. Unfortunately, according to DMACC’s syllabus policy, technology is not allowed during class hours

  • The project was broken down to three major parts: 1. Surveys + research on the topic; 2. Analyzing the surveys and speaking personally to students and staff; 3. Presenting on this topic to a group of students, staffs, and the Board of Directors.