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Vacayou Wellness Travel Blog Writer and Editor


  • Wrote user experience pieces when visiting on-site hotels and spas

  • Followed company's voice and style (eloquent and sophisticated) when writing

  • Produced various content drafts and revisions on Google Docs based on Marketing Director's feedback

  • Edited influencer's writing--focused attention on tone, grammar, and simplification of writing--ranging from listicles, experiential, and how-to guides

  • Layout content onto WordPress and sourced relevant images using Unsplash

  • Optimized 38 old and new articles for SEO using metadata, alt text, and keyword URL

Target audience: wellness travelers, female, and spa-lovers

Anna Pham - Contributor Profile

Press Release


  • Wrote a succinct press release from the perspective of Facebook announcing the first female and youngest Policy and Communications Head

  • (Note: The piece below was never published as it was a writing exercise for school)

Press Release.pdf

Op-Ed Piece


  • Developed an opinion piece for Boston University students on how to survive crucial college years

  • (Note: The piece below was never published as it was a writing exercise for school)

Op-Ed Writing Sample.pdf

Partners for Youth with Disabilities Listicle


  • Collaborated with my other Account Executives in PRLab Agency to research disability statistics from by the CDC and the American Disabilities Act

  • Narrowed down and simplified to 5 topics to create a listicle

Target audience: general public and employers

Internship Reflections for BU's Career Blog


  • Conducted experiential reflection of my time at my internships (with San Jose's Vice Mayor and MuddHouse Media startup)

  • Tasks required answering the assigned questions in a succinct and honest way

Target audience: students and internship coordinators