Passion Projects

From designing t-shirts, to homeless volunteer initiatives, to exploring religious communities, this is the page you'll discover who I am

...beyond the resume!

Project H2OToGo

  • Exploring: Homeless population

  • The Passion Project: Personally delivering sandwiches to the homeless population and being inspired by San Francisco's lack of water fountains and reusable water bottles for the homeless population.

Philosophy Exploring Religions Fellowship

  • Exploring: Religions communities (Church of Scientology, Buddhist Temple, Sikh Gurdwara, and more!)

  • The Passion Project: Personally visiting 9 religious communities and asking them about their religion and its association with happiness.

RyannaShirts: 100% of T-Shirt Sales Donated Non-Profit

  • Exploring: Mental health among young adults

  • The Passion Project: Designing and promoting t-shirts. 100% of profits were donated to The JED Foundation to support mental health initiatives for young adults.

  • Timeline: Summer 2020 to January 2021